"I sent out the STUCK OR STALLED email to three different people. I had calls from all three within 2 hours. And each of them apologized for the delays. And guess what? The deals are fired back up again. I can’t thank you enough for this book!"

-Joe McGonigal, Philadelphia

"The one thing that Caskey has taught our salespeople is to think differently.  I’m watching our people think bigger, get invited in to more opportunities and close more sales – 30% more revenue in the last yearthan we ever did before."

John Hill, President of First Bankers Corp.

"After reading your book yesterday I sent an email to a large retail buyer who had been avoiding me. Before I woke this morning I had a reply offering a face to face meeting in October.

To say I'm impressed with the result is not even close. THE best $20.00 I've ever spent."

-Sean W. British Columbia, Canada

"I have started to supplement my calling with your prospecting emails from EMAIL IT. The responses I have received have been incredible. In fact, the first time I sent one out I landed a meeting! So, thanks to you and Bryan for all of your hard work and all you do for us Sales Professionals!"

-Bryan Gorman, Advanced Selling Podcast listener