No more guessing at how to word your most important emails!

This eBook tells you exactly what to write.

Email It: A Seller's Guide

to Emails That Work

This eBook includes 20 pre-written, ready to use emails that address the most frustrating email scenarios salespeople face.

1. The Introduction Email

2. Email the Agenda Upfront

3. A Deal Has Become Stuck or Stalled

4. Email to Follow Up From a Meeting

5. New Person in Progress

6. Email to Get Out of Emailing

7. Connecting Someone to Someone Else

8. The Thank You Email

9. The Sales Resistance Email

10. Email to Potential Strategic Partner

11. Email to a Cold Prospect

12. Email to a Cold Connector

13. The "It's Been a While" Email

14. Email With Information Attached

15. An Email Invitation

16. The Follow Up Email

17. A Different Person in an Organization Email

18. LinkedIn Warm

19. First Email From Website

20. The Response to Request for Information


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"The one thing that Caskey has taught our salespeople is to think differently. Iā€™m watching our people think bigger, get invited in to more opportunities and close more sales ā€“ 30% more revenue in the last year ā€“ than we ever did before."

-John Hill, President of First Bankers Corp.